Successful Organizing Means Listening and Understanding

In today’s paper, I came across a column written by one of the regular contributors to the newspaper.  The article was about her using a professional organizer to get her home office organized in order to be more productive.  Her daily habits included writing notes, phone numbers and “to do” items on scraps of paper [...]

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Powerful Biz Card App for iPhone, Android or SmartPhone

Do you have stacks of business cards that are rubber banded together or a business card holder that you fill with cards and then have to search through to find the person you want to call?
A great application called WorldCard Mobile can really help.  Using OCR technology, the WorldCard app scans and captures the information [...]

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Great App for Blending To Do List & Prioritization

I have always used a “to do” list to track my tasks, phone calls and projects.  However, a simple “to do” list does help with prioritization and scheduling.  There is an app for iPhone and iPad that does. . . .it’s called Priority Matrix.
Based on the Eisenhower method, Priority Matrix lists your projects/tasks in 4 [...]

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Prune & Organize Your Home Library

 There may be no such thing as too many books, but do you find that:

Your books and bookshelves are taking up too much of your space?
You have stacks of books in corners, on tables or in boxes because you have run out of shelf space?
You can’t find particular books when you are looking for them?
You [...]

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Invisible Businesses – Let Lois Do It

I was featured in a local online newspaper, The Patch.  The article gives a brief history and description of my business.  Read it here:

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