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I recently subscribed to a blog called BeMoreWithLess.  Written by Courtney Carver, the blog is about simplifying your life. . . about having less debt and more savings, less stress and better health, more joy and less obligation.  Courtney’s blog has posts dedicated to this lifestyle.  I found myself reading several of them and making plans to implement them in my own life.  I was struck by one in particular titled “Free Stuff is Still Stuff”. . . .it was about the irresistable urge to buy $30 worth of makeup so you can get a free lipstick.  The point she made in this post is that free stuff still requires your time and attention and has the propensity to clutter up your life. 

Another of Courtney’s posts deals with the notion that adopting a minimalist approach does NOT mean that you live with nothing, it simply means that you live with what’s important to you. 

If you are interested in these topics, check out the blog at:


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