Powerful Biz Card App for iPhone, Android or SmartPhone


Do you have stacks of business cards that are rubber banded together or a business card holder that you fill with cards and then have to search through to find the person you want to call?

A great application called WorldCard Mobile can really help.  Using OCR technology, the WorldCard app scans and captures the information on a business card in seconds, categorizes it and saves it to your contacts.  The application recognizes name, phone number, fax number, mobile phone number, company name and address, email address and website address.  Additionally, it can synchronize/import or export the information to a number of contact management programs including Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mobile, Palm, ACT! and Goldmine.

After WorldCard is installed on your phone, you simply snap a picture of the business card and the information is uploaded and available immediately.

WorldCard offers business card scanners of all types that can be used in the office and the pricing ranges from about $129 to around $179, but for under $10 and for pure productivity, ease of use, convenience and simplicity, WorldCard Mobile is my hands down favorite app.


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