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Sometime in my career in the corporate world, I became a “To Do List” maker.  Now, having a to do list is so ingrained in my routine that I cannot imagine working without it.  My “to do” lists are often broken out between personal to dos and business-related to dos, but I always have one.  I hand write mine on a small notepad.  Some people use an electronic version though Outlook so the items show up in the sidebar of their calendar and on their daily calendar if they print one out.  I love having a to do list because I can look at it first thing in the morning, prioritize what I need to do, and work on the most important things first.  During the day, new things get added to the list and things get crossed off.  After a few days, I may start a new list and carry over the items that are still undone.  I think the primary advantage I get from using a to do list is that I don’t have post it notes all over things reminding me what to do with them.

Do you use a to do list?  If so, what is the format and how do you use it?


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  1. Hunter on March 25th, 2010 2:53 pm

    It’s taken me a while to get my To Do list process down pat. I used to start lists in a notebook. But, I found that when my day gets extremely hectic (when doesn’t it??), I would lose my To Do list in the shuffle. I failed to use it to guide my priorities and got caught up becoming a “firefighter.”

    Now, I use a program for my iPhone. I create my To Do list each night before I go to bed, and review it when I first wake up, adding any items that came to me during the night. The program speaks to my computer, so I can display it on my personal machine while working on my company machine. When things come up during the day, it helps me prioritize them and adjust my list as needed. Some items on the To Do list will drop in priority, and I flag them for review during my evening routine to decide if they need to be moved to the new list or perhaps delegated to someone else.

  2. lois on April 11th, 2010 10:51 am

    Hunter – This is a great suggestion for anyone who uses an iPhone. I think the discipline of checking every night before you go to be and reviewing your list contantly throughout the day is key to making this method a success. Thanks for your comments.

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