10 minutes a day

Do you avoid organizing (or never get around to it) because it just seems overwhelming?  Here’s an idea that you can use to get organized in 10 minutes a day (and you can even skip a day here and there).  Think of the areas of your house that need to be organized.  Then break those areas down into bite sized pieces.

Example:  If you want to clean and organize your master bath, break it down into components.  Mine would be:  medicine cabinet, make up drawer, hair products drawer, nail products and bath products drawer, under sink storage, top of vanity.

Then, just tackle one small bit at a time.  One day, take 10 minutes to review the items in the medicine chest, throwing out the expired medicines, sorting what is left into categories and neatly placing the items on the shelves.

On another day, sort through the makeup, tossing out old or broken containers, sorting all the remaining items and then putting them into a basket or clear container with dividers so that they are easy to find and use.

Continue with each component until you have finished the entire bathroom.  If you continue this process through the other rooms of your house, 10 minutes a day can lead to a completely organized house after a few months.


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