I help businesses or families in the San Fernando or Conejo Valley and surrounding areas, including Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Northridge and other surrounding cities.

I primarily work with businesses, executives or families who need:
-  Management assistance on a short-term project
-  To improve organizational efficiency and increase productivity
-  Papers organized or filing systems revamped
-  A simplified approach to managing daily tasks

These projects are typically:

bigstockphoto_Desk_Mess_929164Home Office – I will work with you to set up or organize a home office whether for family management or running your business from home. We will work together to determine what you need access to, and will purge or store unnecessary papers and files to eliminate clutter. We will set up a customized filing system that works for you and will ensure that the tools you use regularly are at hand. We will create a clean work surface that is inviting and pleasant. We can also clean up an unorganized “electronic” desktop and show you how to create efficient electronic files.

Moving/Relocation – For many people, moving is a time of great stress regardless of the reason for the move. You may be merging two households, welcoming a new baby, rearranging your empty nest or transitioning to a new home that better fits your life. I can help you with any and all aspects of moving, from staging your house for sale to sorting through your belongings in preparation for the move to packing and/or unpacking. Sometimes people are overwhelmed with the bigstockphoto_Moving_House_Young_Woman_Unpa_6576890task of trying to purge their belongings during a move, so they just pack everything with the intention of sorting through it as they unpack at the new house. Unfortunately, this often results in boxes that are never unpacked and end up taking up valuable space in the new home or garage. I can help you reduce the amount of “stuff” you take to your new home and can help you pack in a way that will make the most important and necessary belongings the first to be opened at the new home. We can arrange for donations, discards and removal of unwanted items.

Downsizing – This is a tricky business. You may be downsizing because you have an empty nest, or because you have retired and want to spend more time traveling and you want less “house” to keep clean. Whatever the reason, downsizing presents unique challenges as well as the opportunity to decide what is important to keep, what to give to family members and what to sell or donate.

bigstockphoto_Closet_With_Clothes_331035Closets If you can’t find things in your closet, or you don’t even know what you have, I can help you sort through to determine what you have and how to organize it more effectively. We will decide what you want to keep, then sort the items so that you have a very clear view of what you own, and so your favorite clothing is easy to reach and coordinate.

Garage – I can help you sort items into categories based on usage and store everything in a logical manner with easy access to the most used items. As part of this process, I can help with donations, discards and removal of unwanted items.

bigstockphoto_Senior_Woman_Smiling_556943Senior Move Management – I can assist you and your loved ones with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation and facilitate the transition to a new living situation. Services in this area include:
• Creating an overall transition plan
• Organizing and sorting belongings
• Arranging for disposal of unwanted items through estate sale, consignment and/or donation
• Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing movers
• Customizing a floor plan for the new location
• Assisting with or directing the packing, unpacking and set-up in the new living quarters

Space planning – Having your space (kitchen, family room, playroom) designed and set up for maximum efficiency and enjoyment will allow you to have more fun and less anxiety when making meals, overseeing homework, handling mail or paying bills. Streamlining drawers, cupboards and cabinets will make your life more relaxed.

bigstockphoto_Ancient_Family_Album_468961[1]Memorabilia – Most of us have collections of pictures and other mementoes thrown in boxes or drawers. I can help you sort, categorize and create displays or storage solutions for your memorabilia.

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