Lois is a miracle worker! I have never felt so in control of my office, my priorities, and my space than I do now after spending some time with this amazing woman. Before Lois: 1,000+ emails, over six linear feet of papers covering all available surfaces in my office, and a completely out of control feeling of dread whenever I even thought about my office. After Lois: I now have under 50 emails, a 1/8 inch paper stack of eleven high priority to-do items, and all work surfaces clear and clean. The transformation has been truly amazing.  Lois is wonderfully client-focused.  Before we started any organizing, Lois spent considerable time just asking me questions…about how I worked, what my priorities were, what my frustrations were, how I spent the time in a typical day, and what would make me feel like our time together was well-spent and successful. Smart! Best of all, Lois didn’t try to force me into her system.  Instead, she helped me design a system that fits my personal style and one I’m likely to stick with long-term. It is wonderful to have my emails and workspace back under control, but the most valuable service Lois provided wasn’t the organizing…it was the time we spent engaging in high-level thinking and analyzing to uncover and deal with the underlying problems that kept me in a cycle of clutter and frustration to begin with. My work area and work habits are transformed and I’m a happy, grateful man!

                                                                                       - Randy P., Office Manager, Woodland Hills, CA


When I hired Lois, my office was chaos. I had stacks of paper and files on every surface and my filing was a year behind because I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. Lois helped me sort through all the paper, eliminating everything that was unnecessary. She set up a straightforward, simple filing system for the business and one for my personal files. In a few working sessions, we cleaned up the office so that I had clean working surfaces, organized files and space to walk around. This was a few years ago, and the filing system she set up is still working! The best part is that I can do the filing myself because it takes about 1/3 the time it used to take with my old filing system.
                                                                                                   – GK, Company President, Van Nuys, CA


Thank you again for coming to our rescue and organizing the Estate Sale from my mom’s house and getting my sister packed up and ready to move in one week’s time. We would have never pulled off either of these without your help and guidance. The time you spent researching some of our more treasured items and antiques helped us determine what was really valuable so we didn’t just “give away” those collectables for pennies. And more important, the way you organized everything from the pricing to the displaying made the day of the sale go off without a hitch.
                                                                                                     - Mark F., Woodland Hills, CA


As our credit union began to grow at a rate we hadn’t seen before, our call center suddenly became more important than ever. We needed an expert outside our institution that could help us maximize that area of our business in order to continue delivering our high standard of service and efficiently adapt to our rapid growth. We were extremely fortunate to be able to work with Lois Koch, who looked at our operations and gave us a very detailed report of findings, including short, medium and long term recommendations for improvement. The recommendations covered all aspects of our call center operation and gave us a roadmap for how to get to a higher level of productivity. We continue to reap the benefits of Lois’s contributions and would highly recommend her services to any organization looking to make the most of their resources.
                                                                                                    – KG, SVP, Credit Union, Atlanta, GA


Lois worked as a contractor with our senior staff. She worked on organizing details, wordsmithing and preparing documents necessary to respond to technology Requests for Proposal. We hired Lois back many times as her work was always thorough, quick and of the highest quality. Additionally, her pleasant and positive attitude complemented the CPS team. She’s a “can do” person with the intelligence that makes her an asset to any team.
                                                                                                  - LT, Senior Manager, Studio City, CA

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