How Much is Enough?

I’m writing this post to get feedback and input from others. . . there is no judgment here. I had an experience with a client several weeks ago that started me thinking about how much “stuff” someone needs to be content or satisfied that they have “enough”.

My client is in her mid-80’s, essentially housebound though she does go out once or twice a week for a doctor’s appointment and occasionally to have dinner with friends. We organized her closet in the master bedroom. When we started, I said I wanted to pull out every single thing she could part with before we started the organizing of it so we would know how much stuff we had to put back or find space for in the process. I’m pleased to say that we filled 8 large trash bags with the “give away” items. But. . .when all was said and done, there was still a very full closet, with more of everything than I’ve had in my closet in years. Case in point: purses. After the purge, we were left with: 10 “party” purses/evening bags; 6 high end designer bags; 12 clutch purses; 12 regular purses and 10 “hobo” style purses. . .50 purses in all. By way of comparison, I have 3 party purses, 1 designer bag, and 3 regular purses.
I do acknowledge that I am a minimalist, and that I do NOT change my purse to match my outfit or the occasion, except when I am going to a formal affair. But having 50 purses to choose from would be a bit overwhelming. So my question to you is: How many purses do you have and do you use them all?
Another thing she had was 20+ pairs of tennis shoes. . . I have 3 pairs. I’m grateful for people like her, because if everyone else had 7 purses and 3 pairs of tennis shoes, there wouldn’t be much call for my organizing skill, but I’d like to know how other people feel about shoes, purses, coats . . .how much is enough for YOU personally?


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